1. Introduction and Installation

AdNite2 provides libraries and programs for estimating natural night time illuminances. Artificial illumination is not covered. The program ships together with a rudimentary sqlite location database. AdNite2 is an acronym for Admont Nightvision Tool - Version 2.

It is loosely based on the open source software project ‘adnite’ - http://adnitevision.foehnwall.at.

1.1. Programs/Scripts

  • adnite2
  • adnite2-cli
  • adnite2dbedit
  • adnite2cratedb

For a detailed decription see section Programs.

1.2. Required python3 libraries

1.3. Required external programs

The utility programs are partly configureable via the text file ~/.adnite/adnite.cfg.

All required libraries and programs should be available via the standard respositories of recent Linux distributions.

1.4. Install (only Linux and python >=3.4)

  1. Unpack source code package:

    > tar -xvz adnite2-<version>.tar.gz

    wherever you like. You will get a directory adnite2-<version>.

  1. Enter with

    > cd adnite2-<version>
  1. Run


    > sudo python3 setup.py install

    Makes a full installation below /usr/local also for the libraries

    For a testing environment:

    > sudo python3 setup.py develop

    Installs the scripts adnite2, adnite2-gui, adnite2-cli and adnite2dbedit (most likely) into


    and installs pointers to the source files you downloaded


On some platforms there are troubles for the standard install procedure because of unresolved dependencies.

Try > sudo python3 setup.py develop instead. That always seems to work ;)

  1. Important:

    Each time the program starts the existance of directory ~/.adnite2 is checked. If the directory does not exist the configuration directory is copied from a template. In case of troubles delete the old configuration directory by

    > rm -r ~/.adnite2

    and restart the program. Alternatively perform by ‘hand’:

    > cd adnite2-<version>
    > cp -r config ~/.adnite2

Feedback: adnite(at)foehnwall(dot)at