4. SQLite3 Station Database

Station data are suplied by a sqlite3 database in ~/.adnite2/adnite_stations.sqlite in the table stationlist.

  • The easiest way to create and initially fill the database is by the program adnite2createdb as part of the AdNite2 - suite, which transformes csv-tables from ourairports.com.
  • The database can be viewed and extended with so called private stations (location indicator starting with an underscore ‘_’) by the program adnite2dbedit as part of the AdNite2-suite.
  • The database can be more extensively viewed and arbitrarily edited by the Mozilla Firefox plugin SQLite Manager https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/sqlite-manager/ (but any other sqlite3 client is fine).

4.1. Structure


4.2. Content



  • All charcters should be standard ASCII
  • All fields must have a content
  • latd latitude degrees as integer
  • latm latitude minutes as integer
  • lats latitude seconds as integer
  • lond, lonm, lons similar for the longitudes
  • The sign of latm and lats must be the same as in latd, similar for the longitude