6. Configuration details

There is a punch of oportunities to configure AdNite2 within certain limits

  • input
  • calculation
  • and output.

The key for configuration is the file ~/.adnite2/default.cfg. Mainly to adjust the output the template rst-file ~/.adnite2/template.rst has to be changed.


General format of ~/.adnite2/default.cfg entries:

  • # Abitrary comment line
  • variable; value
  • variable; value_1; value_2; .. ; ..; value_n


  • The first string is the variable name,
  • the following strings denote the values.
  • The separation character is a semicolon (;). A trailing semicolon is forbidden. The semicolon is a separator, not a delimiter.

6.1. Adjust possible input

6.1.1. General layout

# name of the program for displaying (string)
progname; AdNite2

# program logo
logopath; ~/.adnite2/logo/logo.png

# title for gui
titlegui; AdNite2 - Night Illumination Tool

# favorite stations (at least one, as many as you like)

# GUI fontsizes for headers (0), texts (1) and button texts(2)
fontsize0; 13
fontsize1; 9
fontsize2; 8

6.1.2. Clouds

In ~/.adnite2/default.cfg:

  • Adjust cloud amount to e.g. oktas instead of tenth. Default:

    # cloudamount (0 .. SKC, 10 .. OVC)
    cloudamount; 0; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10
  • Adjust cloudtypes with according albedos and acronyms. Default

    # cloudalbedos, ranking must coincide with cloudtypes, cloudnames
    cloudalbedos; 0.3; 0.55; 0.75; 0.9
    # cloudnames (for form sheets, must have 5 characters!)
    cloudnames; thin; thn.m.; thk.m.; thick
    # cloudtypes
    cloudtypes; 0; 1; 2; 3

6.1.3. Ground

  • Adjust ground types. Default:

    # groundalbedos (must coincide with groundtypes, groundnames)
    groundalbedos; 0.80; 0.50; 0.35; 0.25; 0.10; 0.05
    # groundnames (not longer than 7 character)
    groundnames; frsh sn; old sn; frozen; dry; humid; wet
    # Groundtypes (3 characters)
    groundtypes; SNF; SNO; FRZ; DRY; HUM; WET

6.2. Adjust calculation

Of coarse the calculation is also influenced by different input parameters. But following parameters directly influence the internal calculation.

# sunset illuminance (SKC conditions) in lux
illum_sunset; 7.5e2

# civil twilight illuminance (clear sky conditions) in lux
illum_civiltwilight; 3.0

# deep night illuminance (SKC conditions) in lux
illum_deepnight; 2.0e-3

6.3. Adjust output

  • Generating output files:

    # rst to html converter program
    rst2html; rst2html
    # rst to pdf converter program
    rst2pdf; rst2pdf
  • Viewer programs:

    # pdv-viewer
    pdfviewer; evince
    # internet browser
    browser; firefox
  • Adjust illuminance threshold line

    # lower alert illuminance for horizontal threshold line)
    illum_alert_lower; 1.0e-3
  • Select the plotstyle of the graphics.

    # Defines matplotlib plotstyle (1: sloppy, 0: normal)
    xkcd; 0

    A quite sloppy but more honest comic like style illumination graphic can be seen here.


Not all entries in ~/.adnite2/default.cfg are documented. Partly because they are not (yet) in function, partly because there is no reasobale alternative for the default setting. - So do not change them.

Depending on the adjustments above one should also change the documenting user information in the reStructuredText (rst) output template ~/.adnite2/template.rst by hand.

Also take care of the content of the default parameter file ~/.adnite2/default.prm that is load at program start up. It may not contain invalid values of cloud amount etc..