8. Known bugs

8.1. AdNite2 Version 0.2.20170422

Except Errors 1. and 2. aller other bugs of Version 0.1.20160401 still exist.

8.2. AdNite2 Version 0.1.20160401

  1. Running with newer Versions of python3-numpy (Version > 1.11.0) gives a type error due to a missing conversion from string to float. Former numpy-versions seemed to be mor tolerant. –> Fixed in AdNite2 Version 0.2.20170422.

  2. Very tiny fonts in button texts at Full HD notebook screens. –> Fixed in AdNite2 V 0.2.20170422. Fontsizes configurable vial configuration file ~/.adnite2/default.cfg.

  3. Testing adnite2 against matplotlib version 2.0 and its dependencies in a virtual environments shows an uggly image for the moon position (left and right x-ax limmites are out of plotting range). E.g. matplotlib 1.4.2 (standard in Debian Linux 8 “Jessie”) and Version 1.5.1 (standard in Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS) does not show this strange bug.

  4. There is a bug in the setup-script.

    sudo python3 setup.py install does not copy the installation wide configuration script to a known place, so that the first call of AdNite2 cannot find the configuration directory to copy it to ~/.adnite2/. The program crashes immediately.

    There are three ways out:

    • Copy by hand

      cd adnite2-0.1.20160401/   # go to the decompressed installation directory
      cp -r config ~/.adnite2    # 'deep' copy to the home directory
    • Install as a developement environment

      sudo python3 setup.py develop

      So only file links and pointers to the installation directory are created. All changes in the program code are immediately system wide activ. Therefore do not remove the installation directory. Otherwise the links will show to Nirvana.

    • Find the bug in the setup constellation and fix it.

  5. A bug in the routine that produces the rst-file prevents adjustments of the allowed cloud types and the states of ground in the configuration file ~/.adnite2/default.cfg.

    Anyway, this bug does not affect the use of the program with the default settings of ~/.adnite2/default.cfg.

  6. Some minor issues in the output format (some German words instsad of English ones).