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AdNite2 is a GNU/Linux based Python>=3.4 free open source program suite that calculates basic astronomic data, moon positions and night time illuminance values dependent on meteorological conditions. It is licensed with the European Public License (EUPL).


May 25th, 2018: Erklärung zur Informationspflicht (Datenschutzerklärung) (German only)

New: Version 0.2.20170422 with minor bug fixes. For download see:

It is based on the opensource project adnitevision at which was not more than a prove of concept. AdNite2 is now supposed to be a more appealing piece of software. For download see here.

Demo output

_images/illum.png _images/moon.png

Download a demo pdf-output from here.


  • Night time illumination calculation programs dependent on weather and surface conditions are generally not available at the free market. They are mainly designed for military use and therefore considered as a sort of confidential information.
  • During the last few years high quality night vision equipment has become available at a reasonable price also for civil use. Therefore a demand for some basic night illuminance information is existing for a broader public. The basic calculation procedures and formulas can be derived from freely available literature (see section Background and Calculations). Based on this rough estimates this simple program has been designed and written.
  • Because the author has been using open source software for decades this software is considered to be a tiny payback to the open source community (see Licenses - Lizenzen).



Everybody must always be aware that all calculated night time illuminance values are at its best an educated guess for real night time situations. Observed values can vary due to a manifold of reasons that are not coverd by this approach. - For more details see section Approximations. – The use of the application AdNite2 is at your own risk!

Deutsch: Man muss sich immer bewusst sein, dass jede berechnete Nacht-Helligkeit bestenfalls eine begründete Schätzung für reale Nachtverhältnisse darstellt. Beobachtete Werte können davon durch eine vielfältige Reihe von Gründen abweichen, die nicht durch die hier vorliegende Abschätzung abgedeckt sind. - Für nähere Details siehe Abschnitt Approximations. – Die Nutzung der Anwendung AdNite2 erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr!

Both, program and documentation, is not perfect. - Help to improve it. Report errors and proposals to adnite(at)foehnwall(dot)at

The author appreciates every help, especially

  • for making the software available on GitHub or anything similar
  • for porting the software to Windows® and other operating systems,
  • for removing the dependency on external programs like rst2pdf and rst2html.


The most recent version of AdNite2: